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Terlinden Roofing






       First and foremost, the Terlinden name is well known for quality Roofing with complete tearoffs

      to keep your home dry and long lasting. Using our scissor lift trucks, we can keep your yard clean

      and get the job done fast. Using quality products, a new roof not only looks good, but it lasts.









       New seamless aluminum gutters are also a specialty of Terlinden Roofing. We also install soffit and

         fascia, giving your house a fresh new look. Ice Winterguard Protection helps avoid Ice Dams.

                                                             What Causes Ice Back Up?

                    Ice dams are created when the upper part of your roof gets warm enough to melt

                         the blanket of snow there, causing water to trickle down toward the eave.

                           As the water reaches the cold eaves, it freezes and forms a sheet of ice.

                                           That sheet gradually builds up to form a dam.

                          The dam creates a pool of backed up water that gets under the shingles.

                             Experts say this problem is caused by improper insulation in your roof,

                                                 or a "warm" roof. The ideal roof is a "cold" one.

           Continuous Ridge Vents are also available from Terlinden Roofing, helping keep your home well

                                                                  ventilated and dry.